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Francesco Leri

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th Thursday, September 13 2012 Principles of Learning Lecture Two **For the midterm, use the textbook to expand on things learned in class! Drive Theory (Clark Hull): - Mechanic - Based on homeostatic drive reduction - Habits become stronger as a function of how often they are followed by satisfying events - The reduction of a drive is satisfying - The reason this works is because every time you reduce a need it feels good - This theory is formulated in a mathematical way - Habit a relationship between a stimulus and response - The equation for this theory is  sEr= sHr x D (the strength of the behaviour is the strength of the learned response times the strength of drive) - sEr= strength of behaviour - sHr= strength of learned response (the bond between the stimulus and the response) - D= strength of drive - Training is an important component of the strength of the learned response - The more training the stronger the response gets (more persistence) - Drive is a general pool of energy that can activate innate and learned behaviours - There are several sources of drive but drive itself is nonspecific and nondirective - Whatever the need is it activates the drive, that energizes you to perform a general activity, new learning or directs you to a previous habit - Why does when your body have a drive it leads you to do the appropriate activity? (Why whenever you crave ice cream you don’t go eat pickles instead?) Incentive motivation: - Hull eventually realized that the chara
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