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Lecture 6

Principles of Learning Lecture 6.doc

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2330

Principles of Learning – Lecture 6 US UR 1. Food  Salivation 2. Shock  Pain 3. Drug  Pleasure CS US CR Bell + Food  Salivation Bell + Shock  Freezing Smell + Drug  Attraction Light The Conditioned Response - Autonomic (increases in heart rate; salivation; sweating…) - Motivational (emotions, changes in affect) - Somatic (movement towards/away from a stimulus) Ex. Ice cream truck – US: Ice cream; CS; Ice cream truck & noise; CR: screaming, running, etc.  Video: stopped playing marbles to get ice cream. Good way to test; how many times do you need to play the truck song before the child stops or slows playing. Suppression Ratio An index used to measure the reduction responding for food during the presentation of a CS associated with an aversive US. - Suppression Ratio index = B/(A+B) B = # of responses during the CS A = # of responses before the presentation of the CS - If no fear, A=B & SR = 0.5; If much fear, B=0 & SR=0. (See table from lecture) Strength of Conditioning Laws of Association – what determines the strength of conditioning 1. Frequency of CS-US association 2. Intensity (how cabable they are of producing a response) &
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