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Lecture 1

PSYC 2330 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, Habituation

Course Code
PSYC 2330
Julia Wreford

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PSYC 2330 Principles of Learning
Course Outline: Fall 2014
Course Description: This course provides an introduction to the basic principles and
concepts of learning. Theories of classical and operant conditioning will be explored, in
addition to selected theories of motivation and memory. Basic neurobiological
mechanisms underlying various learning and memory processes will also be introduced.
Class Schedule and Location: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-4:20
Richards Building, Rm. 2520
Instructor Information
Instructor Name: Julia Wreford
Instructor Email:
Office location and office hours: Office hours are by appointment; MACK 118A
GTA Information
GTA Name: Meenu Minhas, Danielle Haynes, Colin Howes, Cameron Wasson
GTA Email:,,,
GTA office location and office hours: Office hours are by appointment
Course Content
1. Students will be able to identify basic biological processes involved in various types
of learning. Students will be able to differentiate the processes involved in classical and
operant conditioning.
2. Students will understand multiple mechanisms and models that underlie learning
processes. Specifically, students will understand conditioning, habituation, sensitization,
extinction, and patterns of reinforcement.
3. Students will have a general understanding of the history of our understanding of
learning processes and how this understanding connects to the evolution of Psychology
as a discipline.
4. Students will understand learning theories and be able to understand basic real-life
situations in terms of learning principles. Students will be able to deconstruct a scenario
and identify the various components of learning that took place, how they did and what
maintains the learned behaviour.
5. Students will be able to apply principles of learning to more complex psychological
phenomenon (e.g., basic behaviours, memory and cognition, motivation, etc.)
Lecture Content:

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Week Lecture
Book Chapter (pages)
Sept 5, Sept. 8
Sept. 10, Sept. 12
Elicited Behaviour, Habituation and Sensitization
Sept. 15, Sept. 17,
Sept. 19
Classical Conditioning I (Foundations)
3 & 4
Sept. 22, Sept. 24,
Sept. 26
Classical Conditioning II (Mechanisms)
3 & 4
Sept. 29,
Oct. 1,
Oct. 6,
Classical Conditioning III (Extinction)
(No class October 3rd)
9 (p. 245-252; p.255-266; 269-271)
Oct. 8
Questions & Answers
Oct. 10
Mid-Term Exam I
Week Lectures 1 to 5 and corresponding Book Chapters
Oct. 13
No Classes- Thanksgiving Monday
Oct. 15,
Oct. 17
Operant Conditioning I (Foundations)
Oct. 20,
Oct. 22, Oct. 24
Operant Conditioning II
Oct. 27,
Oct. 29
Oct. 31
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