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PSYC*2330 Lecture 2

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PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri

Thursday Jan 12 2012PSYC2330 Lecture 2PavlovianClassical Conditioning SS learningDog guide with treatsinvolves an association with a simple stimulus that is neutral paired with a signicant eventone trial of conditioningtraining to associate two stimulisound then treatrats in a labConditioned Stimulus CS is the Tone SUnconditioned Stimulus US is the Food S means its important and importance is not learnedbiologically signicant stimuluses are food alcohol drugs painfear nurture aggression waterbeer sleep sexpresent tone CS followed by footshock US the rats jumpafter conditioning the CS can be presented without the US and the rats will show an aversive reaction jumpwith dogs you can measure the reaction to just the CS by salivation or approach this is called conditioned approach because it is learned motivationemotional arousal wagging tail and getting excited when you pick up their leashwith the rat experiment the CS would be fearnegative motivation e
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