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PSYC*2330 Lecture 5

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PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri

Tuesday Jan 24 2012PSYC2330 Lecture 5Classical ConditioningPavlovianclassical conditioning is a form of stimulusstimulus learning SSprediction goes both ways when it happens and when it doesnt happenMcDonaldsthe signal is the M Classical Conditioning Ivan PavlovFoodUnconditioned Stimulus USSalivationUnconditioned Response URBellConditioned Stimulus CSSalivationConditioned Response CRCSUSConditioned Excitation the CS is an excitor CSUS produces a variety of UR salivation wags tail etcthe trick to classical conditioning is to establish predictors of reactions to the stimulusbell horn moose soundmost of us can hear it but there is no intrinsic value to itafter conditioning trials pairing the CS and US if you present the CS you will get a variety of responses that usually happen for the USSCno USConditioned Inhibition the CS is an inhibitor CS1Differential inhibition procedureCS iUSCS iino USCS ii becomes inhibitory 2 different stimuli not simultaneous but happens in the same timeCS 1 will be a conditioned excitor and CS 2 should become a conditioned inhibitor2Conditioned inhibition procedureStep 1 CS iUSStep 2 CS i CS iino USCS ii becomes inhibitorystep 1 is typical excitatory conditioning step 2 is a phase where the 2 stimuli are presented as a compound simultaneouslyConditioned inhibition can be tested by CS iiiCS iino CR to CS iii1Summation testsummation testing because youre summing adding the stimulus together
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