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Lecture 9

PSYC*2330 Lecture 9

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PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri

Tuesday Feb 7 2012PSYC2330 Lecture 9 Predispositions Determinants of CS Conditioning in humansBiological PredispositionsInborn predispositions to learn were demonstrated with respect to1The separation in time between the CS and US is a critical determinant of conditioning Learning is unlikely to take place at delays of more than a few second2Equipotentiality premiseit does not matter what stimuli are used in conditioning Any CS will be equally good in all contextsPavlov Any natural phenomenon chosen at will may be converted into a CSany visual stimulus any desired sound any odor and the stimulation of any part of the skinTasteAversion LearningJohn Garcia1Exposed rats to avored water and brightnoisy water2Exposed rats to Xrays gastrointestinal disturbancenausea3Tested drinking of the two waters after xray exposure4Control experiment with foot shockNausea could not be conditioned to lightnoise nor fear could be conditioned to a tasteTasteaversion conditioning occurs at delays of over 1 hourfootshock gets preferentially associated with something in the environment lighttaste gets preferentially associated with tasteown experienceif you are drinking a new drink and its a funny taste and then in 2 hours your stomach hurts you wont say oh it was some kind of gas that was in the classroom you will blame it on the drinkthe basic point of taste aversion
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