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Lecture 13

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PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri

Tuesday March 6 2012PSYC2330 Lecture 13 Week 6 Week Lecture 6 b Stimulation of the medial forebrain bundle MFBa Maintain selfstimulation behaviourbfeels greatcis rewardingcan also be used to punish behaviourdhas no effect on memory consolidationeanswera every time you see an answer that says rewarding its probably wrongWhy is a Reinforcer ReinforcingA reinforcer is an event that follows a response and changes the probability that the response will be emitted in the futureHow can an event change behaviour when the new behaviour occurs in the absence of the eventEnhancement of Memory Consolidationreinforcing events enhance the acquisition and storage of information in the brainAttribution of Conditioned MotivationLearning is the formation of representations of the relationships among objects and events A representation of a reinforcer will motivate behaviourthis is how memory changes our behaviourmemory is stronger and memory as an emotional componentreinforcers are reinforcing is because makes memory stronger and embeds the memory with motivational signicanceyou have memory traces of events that follow the experienceif the memory trace is followed by a reinforcer while the memory is still happeningthen the reinforcer will do 2 things in parallel 1 enhance the strength of the memory trace will more likely to remember it next time and 2 act on the representation of the stimuli and responses to add motivation to itmemory becomes stronger but also more important
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