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Lecture 4

Research Methods Lecture 4.doc

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PSYC 2360
Harjinder Gill

Research MethodsLecture 4 Worst Psychology Experiments Stuttering experiment on 22 orphan children positive speech therapy praise rewardnegative speech therapy verbal abuse belittling for speech impetementThe Monster Study Stanford Prison Experiment Monkey Drug Trials ejected with an assortment of drugs taught them how to selfinjectleft them alone with a large supply of each drugFacial expressions experiment do all people have a common expression for certain emotions At the end of the test the students were given instructions to behead a ratAlbertthe ratLearned helplessness with dogs Milrams shock studyThe well of despair took infant monkeys who had already bonded with their mothersthen socially isolated them David Reimer during castrationburned his penis off Doctor suggested that they put him through a sex change the doctor used him as his own private case Commit suicide in 2004Ethicspsychology must go hand in handEthics in Research TriCouncil Policy Statement Ethical Condu
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