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Lecture 2

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2360
Harjinder Gill

thLecture 2Sept 9 Lay People How do people know things Intuition Limitations of using intuition People think they know things they dont really know Hindsight bias the tendency to think we could have predicted something we probably could not have predicted Many things cannot be predicted by intuition which is why research is importantScientific Method Set of assumptions rulesprocedures scientists use to conduct researchi Empiricalbased on observation or measurementii Objectivecarry out investigation without personal biases eg peer reviewiii Replicableiv Science must be based on what has come before itBehavioural Research We study human behaviour for 2 main reasonsi To understand it basic research not concerned with application of the principle just want to understand it for knowledge sakeii Want to contribute to creating solutions to problems that face human beings applied research Both ba
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