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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Jan 8th - Distal Stimulation and Proximal Stimulation - We react to proximal stimulation; the effect that events have on our body 1) Transduction is changing energy from one form to another - neurons send electrical pulses - light is electromagnetic energy which must convert to body electricity - sound is mechanical energy 2) phoneme restoration effect - legislation (cough) - the word is still understood even though the main part of the word is missing 3) the neuron dendrites cell body axon axon ending/terminal endings - axon structure determines how fast info travels - wide axons are fast and narrow ones are slow - node of ranvier 4) multiple sclerosis - babys are born without myelin but it gradually grows in 5) synaptic vesicles - neurotransmitters are sent through the synaptic gap to receiving neurons 6) atoms - made up of elements like carbon, oxygen, chloride etc - carbon 6 consists of : + 6 proton 6 electron - salt = NaCh compound (sodium and chloride) - Cl – has an extra electron that it stole from Na (Na+) - Ions are the movement of charged particles - Squid axon has a membrane that is selectively permeable (they block out certain compounds like sodium and let certain in); negative ions are within the membrane because of amino acids with an occasional positive ion which is potass
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