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Lecture 1

PSYC 2390 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Illusory Contours, Lipid Bilayer, Voltmeter

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

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Lec 1: Jan 9th
Overview: Processes involved in perception
o Distal stimulation (far away, outer world) proximal stimulation (internal, in our body)
A. Transduction (changing energy forms)
o Change from light (electro-magnetic radiation) into electricity
o Hearing sound (mechanical energy)
B. Interpretation
o illusory contour figure- cube example
o Phonene restoration effect (hearing)
The Neuron & its Parts
Axon- how fast it a sed ifo deteried y…
1. Myelin (presence or absence)
2. Axon width (large= fast, small=slow)
a. Info travels down the axon at different
speeds (faster=high priority)
Vertebrate (backbone)- myelin
Invertebrates- no myelin
o MS causes body to attack own myelin
o Babies have little myelin
Squid axon:
o Intra-cellular fluid- K+, amino acid (& chloride?)
o extra-cellular fluid- Na+
o membrane of squid axon is semi-permeable
(phospholipid bilayer)
o oscilloscope trace- graph from voltmeter
o voltmeter determines the difference in charge from the
outside and inside of the axon=membrane potential
0= no difference b/w outside and inside
Resting potential= usually -70 mv
o Stimulating the membrane allows the permeability to change
o the sodium (Na) comes rushing in (+40 mV)
o potassium (K) flows out
o sodium flows out to regain resting potential
o stimulate neuron (w squash or electric shock)
causes Na to come rushing in- membrane potential goes up to +40 mv
K+ exits quickly after- now more -ve than when started
Recovery period- Na+/K+ pump (Na+ goes back out, K+ comes back in)
Recovery sets an upper limit on how many action potentials can occur (takes ½ ms)
Action potentials are all or nothing- cant go halfway
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