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Lecture January 19

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

thSensation January 19Signal detectionone part of the essay Absolute thresholdlooking at sensitivity to differences or the presence or the absence of stimulusReal sensitivitydyour ability to sense something or not vs Response styletendency to say yes or noresponse criterion how much evidence you need before you say yes I sense itLiberal response stylesays yes a lot not much evidence requiredConservative response stylesays no a lot lots of evidence required to say yesTone is presented 100 times and 100 times it is not presentedoptions are Hit H and Miss M or False Alarm FA and Correct Rejection CRboth areas will always add up to 100Sensitivity is HFA The ROC Curve receiver operating curveChange the payoff matrix to make someone more liberal or more conservativeIf both H and CR have the same payoff there will be no biasneutral criterionIf H has the biggest payoff and CR M and FA have smaller pay offspunishment you will be liberalIf CR has the biggest payoff and M FA and H has smaller payoffspunishments you will
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