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Lecture January 24

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

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Sensation Lecture January 24 Parts of the EyeThe cornea is a clear structure functions to let in light but is also hard and strong does 80 of focusing when you change the shape of the cornea you change your focus for nearsightedness and farsightednessFluid is used in the eye to cushion blows etc the fluid is under pressureCorneal disease or injurythe cornea as a result of infection allergy or injury is damaged and loses its clarity and sometimes scartissue develops it is no longer transparent and starts blocking out light you might see halos or rainbows around thingsIn severe cases they removed the cornea take out the damaged part and replace it corneal replacementAstigmatism malformation of the cornea it should be round like a bowl but some peoples are more like a spoon shape they have problems focusing certain kinds of light certain line orientationsThe iris is a double ring of muscles and the pupil is a hole iris controls how wide the pupil isDepth of fieldif the pupil is as small as it can be to let in enough light more things will be in focusAffected by the autonomic nervous systemWidth of pupil varies with level of excitation or arousalUnder stress or when someone is very turned on pupils will dilate people unconsciously respond to this women with larger pupils seem more attractiveWomen would poison t
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