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Feb 9, 2012 Lecture Notes

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Feb 9 2012 Spatial Frequency in the Striate Cortex REVIEW Background conceptsA Contrast and how measuredB Gratings C Spatial Frequency and how measuredIII Spatial frequency perception to spatial frequency Measuring quantifying sensitivity toHow do you measure sensitivity spatial frequency using contrast humans operate in a range of spatial frequency and we are not equally sensitive to all spatial frequenciesA The Contrast sensitivity function CSF In adults 1 Measure contrast thresholdonce youve established the threshold for one spatial frequency you do this over and over agin start at a very low spatial frequency adjust contrast find threshold contrast try this for all possible spatial frequencies 2 Convert to contrast sensitivitywe are not equally sensitive to all spatial frequencies this contrast sensitivity function is a good representation of thatthere is a peak in the centre which mean we are highly sensitive we need a low contrast levelWe are not equally sensitive to all spatial frequencies B Factors that affect sensitivity to spatial frequency 1 Species how measured start with one spatial frequency at a very low level then bring it to a level where the cat can perceive ittrain to push a lever when they can see the grading on the screen do it for ever spatial frequencytake the threshold and convert it the CSF for a cat is lower than it is for us this means that they can see spatial frequencies that are lower than the ones we can perceive cats can see things
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