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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Solving the Stereo Correspondence Problemeyes make a mistake where the visual system matches two separate dots and thinks they came from the same place illusion is that the place the visual system matches is further back than it actually iseyes try to solve stereo correspondence problem repeating pattern incorrectly illusionAutostereograms illusion caused by solving the stereocorrespondence problem incorrectlySecond stage of deriving depth information is calculating the distance from the left eye to the rightRetinal Disparity what is the distance of the object in the left eye relative to the right3 outcomes diagrams on courselink1 Items on the horopter fixation plane when you focus your eyes there is a plane of viewingwhen items are on the horopter curved plane the object will occupy the exact same position on the retina of both eyesZero Disparity distance from the midpoint reference point of the eye is the same for both eyes2 Items in front of the horopter crossed disparities when you have something closer to you than where your
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