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Genetics and Pharmacology.docx

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PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Behavioural Genetics 10132012 14600 PM Behavioural GeneticsRandom mutationsPopulationlevel statistical assessmentSelective breedingDeliberate genetic manipulation o Gene knockout and gene knockinGlobal gene expressionSpatially limited gene expressionTemporally limited gene expressionBehavioural PharmacologySynthesis storage in vesicles break down in cytoplasm of any neurotransmitter that leaks from vesicle exocytosis inhibitory feedback via autoreceptors activation of postsynaptic receptors deactivationDrugs can come in and change this at any of these steps o Agonist a drug that facilitates the effects of a particular neurotransmitter o Antagonist a drug that inhibits the effects of a neurotransmitterDrug Effects on Receptors Competitive BindingDirect agonist every receptor has active site binds to active site thus making it competitive for the spot with neurotransmitter o Whatever chemical gets their first binds to it o Dosagesthe more drug you have the more likely it will bind to receptor higher chancesReceptor blocker or direct antagonist Noncompetitive BindingNeuromodulators do not bind to same site bind to allosteric site in order to modulate conformation of transmembrane protein o Can help or keep it closedNoncompetitiveallosteric
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