PSYC 2410 Lecture : Motivation

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Chapter 10 cont d- motivation y jukebox theory of motivation: (activation/arousal vs. out money into-energy going, don t know until push button: direction. theory that exists where all incentives look the same internally. In case of dating, never end up going out: approach/avoidance; Is one thing but has 2 aspects: punishment. Kid sitting in front of cookie jar, mother standing behind taunting-then says don t eat them or i will hit you upside the head : avoidance/avoidance- displacement activity. leads to displacement activity- if don t want to do something and will be penalized if don t do it, do something completely irrelevant instead. person stuck in conflict-negatives on both sides. y unconscious motivation- not all freudian: majority isn t freudian, freudian view: everyone will use for everything do in day. Is that human motivation is unconscious-and essentially sexual. Iceberg view of motivation- tip of iceberg fails to display most of its contents below surface.