PSYC 2410 Lecture : The Biological Basis of Behaviour

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21/11/2011 y executive function disorder: prefrontal cortex. If have problem with part of brain shows up in very specific ways y impulse control- bad at measuring future consequences, have very bad judgement. don t get involved in relationship with some with executive function disorder. without part of brain, people change. y cerebral cortex. sensory part- not all 5 senses present. life experience should be able to answer which 3 sense-which of 5 senses works best for you. vision is so essential that our taste is influenced by it. y phineas gage and reductionism: 100 years ago, worked for railroad, was 25 and had accident-blew spike through his head and survived. used as poster boy for efd: the mind is what the brain does, reductionism- making functional map of brain. y steven pinker and how the mind works y the emotional brain, the emotional brain, the limbic system.