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Hank Davis

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Lecture Six Pavlovian Conditioning Agenda y Two laws of Associative Conditioning y 1 Pavlovian Conditioning y 2 Operant Conditioning y Are all stimuli equally associable y tasteaversion learning y how to motivate consumer behaviour y Pavlovian conditioning and phobias y finally operant conditioning Pavlovian Conditioning y stuff that can be done to you without your awarenessconsent y thats scary y you dont need consent to classically condition someone y most often youre conditioned and dont realize it y it is important to know what type of conditioned responses take place y it is not stuff like Have sex with that person y we can make you want that person but we cant force you to do it y things like emotional responses may be classically conditioned y Catholic Churchmaster Pavlovian conditioners y CSconditioned stimuli y the Church uses CSs a lot and very powerfull
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