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Chapter 10

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PSYC 2410
Dan Meegan

Chapter 10  CCK - peptide tells brain “no need to eat anymore”  homeostatic energy regulation (energy in=energy out)  Overeating (energy in > energy out)  Factors causing overeating : (see lecture slide)  Evolved to Eat  For many people/animals, food is not always available when energy is low  if energy dips below a certain level – either use bodily stores or eat  we are motivated to eat  Evolution: motivation to eat when food is available, regardless of internal energy state  Mechanisms  Mere sight/smell of food > drop in blood glucose > hunger/eating  The `Reward’ System – brain system that makes eating (& other behaviors) pleasurable  Parkinson’s – dopamine  Can override homeostatic energy regulation  Obesity  Many possible contributing factors (see slide)  Ex: dysfunctional reward system  Fewer dopamine receptors in obese people  More obese = fewer dopamine receptors = more eating  fMRI while drinking milkshake: reduced activity in reward system for obese people  less likely to receive the pleasure they’re looking for = less likely to stop  Obesity: dysfunctional reward system?  Hypothesis: when dopamine is deficient, more eating Is required to get reward  How do obese adults become dopamine deficient? Nature vs. Nurture
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