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PSYC 2410
Hank Davis

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 11/14/2011 7:24:00 AM Wednesday, November 9, 2011 Chapter 11 Sexual Motivation: You probably assume that you learn to be what you are by culture. You think that you’re sexually a blank slate and your parents and friends and society have written your path. However, Hanky Baby doesn’t think this is true because of course these messages are out there but they are just tweaking important genetic makeup that was already there. Gender talks about social science but it also has a biology aspect to it. When you think about the difference between men and women you think about sex differences rather gender differences. It is said that gender differences are “socially constructed”. If you have a penis, that comes with a lot of information that is stored in your brain which tells you how to go about your business about being a male – how to get things done in a certain way because of your sex –it was hardwired in you. The same goes for females having vaginas. We all are hardwired differently if we are males or females, it is not just that we are born with these parts and then society determines what gender we are. You carry a lot of circuitry in you –this is what sex differences are all about. Obviously culture has to do something to do with it but human nature is not infinitely malleable or plastic. You were not born like a manikin, you were born with the whole package –hardwiring and body parts of either a male or a female. Sex differences vs. cultural differences? There are parts of the world where given how you are dress today, if you chose to walk over somewhere for lunch, you would be stoned to death. You would not be able to go out in the way you typically dress. This is because you would be thought as violating so many taboos that they would kill you. It would not be a big deal here, but in other places they are. These differences are not the same as the hardwire differences in one’s head. Sociobiology and evolutionary psychology (the Selfish Gene –Richard Dawkins) Your modern scull houses a stone age brain. The modern world is very different from the world in which the brain evolved. Human beings are basically the same the world over –we are a species. We are part of the biological universe regardless if we were a burka or a microscope. What am I? Canadian or female? If someone is doing an interview and they ask “Who are you?”, this is a trick question. What do you say? What is the most revelatory thing to answer? What do you think the most important piece of information is? To communicate yourself, some might say “I am a Canadian”, “I am from this religion…”, however, this doesn’t provide the most information. It does give you some information but the answer that would provide the most information would be “I’m a woman, or I’m a man,” you could have the most information about someone –know their SEX NOT GENDER. Sex differences in reproductive strategies apply across species. Sociology, social psychology, and anthropology expected everyone around the world to be very different because it was expected that cultures around the world would make someone who they are, so they were disappointed when they learned that peoples’ believes (how they were formed not their content) and their behaviour were the same the world over. Generalities: You start to think about exceptions and how you’re the exception –the problem is that is if you are 17 or 18 years old, you’re probably not like this YET. You will be in about 3 years. The generalities are: MEN –in general want to mate with a lot of stuff… some are people, some are females, and often they do. They only thing that stops men from indiscriminate mating is women (this does not apply to gay men). Women simply say no to the guys who want to have sex. In late 20’s and 30’s, men will look for younger partners. They are looking for women with bizarre properties –youth is a big thing. They look for qualities that we can’t particulate –for example, ideal waist to hip ratio and they signal positive reproductive symbols. Guys even if they don’t want a baby, they find reproductive symbols attractive even if they don’t want to use them. They have biological attraction to women
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