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PSYC 2450 Lecture Notes - Influenza Vaccine, Metacognition

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PSYC 2450

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Chapter 17
Television: Canadian statistics on tv viewing
More than 98% of homes have one or more tv sets
15.3 hours/week for children 2-11 years
By age 18, more time spent watching tv than any activity (except sleeping)
Boys watch more tv than girls
The ‘Notel’ study
‘before’ tv children higher in creativity and reading than Canadian peers with tv access
‘after’ tv declines in reading and creativity compared to peers
Overall there are advantages and disadvantages
television literacy is the ability to
understand how information is conveyed on tv
properly interpret information
development of television literacy
piecemeal understanding in young children
actions remembered rather than goals
fictional aspect not understood
middle childhood and adolescence
interpret production features
recognize intent
effects of watching violence on tv
cartoons especially violent
violence often portrayed with humour
link between tv violence and aggression?
strong positive relationship
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