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Lecture 3

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PSYC 2450
Anneke Olthof

LECTURE 31PRINCIPLES OF HEREDITARY TRANSMISSIONGenotype refers to genetic makeup of organism is the inherited set of genesPhenotype physical expression of a genotype can be the result of the interaction between genes and the environmentCONCEPTION occurs in fallopian tube when sperm fertilizes egg this fertilized egg becomes a zygote which is single celled humanthe zygote contains all the genetic information required to develop zygote has 46 chromosomes 23 are from each parenta chromosome is a molecule of DNA that contains genes each section of DNA denotes a genethe zygote rapidly dividesexponentially at thatmitosis is the process by which the zygote replicates itself and mitosis continues to happen in somatic cells throughout the lifetime of a humansex cells do no undergo mitosis they undergo meiosisthe end product of meiosis is cells with only 23 chromosomes so that when fertilization occurs there is a total number of 46 chromosomes meiosis also occurs because cells need to be genetically diverse and this proves as an adaptive advantage because the best genetic combination increases the zygotes chances of survival
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