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Lecture 8

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2450
Anneke Olthof

LECTURE 81COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENTCOGNITION is the activity of knowing involves the mental processes used to acquire knowledge in areas of attention memory producing and understanding language learning reasoning problem solving and decision makingCOGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT describes how these mental processes change as we age2PIAGETS THEORYReplaced the behaviourists theoryAcknowledged childrens different abilities at different ages and how they think differently from adultsCame up with the idea of genetic epistemology which is the study of how we acquire knowledgeIntelligence is a basic life function that enables an individual to adapt to their environmentThe idea of cognitive equilibrium states that cognitive growth occurs definitely in all cognitive processesASSIMILATION occurs when the child interprets new experiences with existing schemesExample Assimilation is like adding air into a balloon You just keep blowing it up It gets bigger and biggerFor example a two year olds schema of a tree is green and big with barkACCOMODATION occurs when the child modifies their existing schemes to interpret new experiencesExample A child believes that All furry four legged animals are dogs He sees a breed of dog that hes never seen before and says Thats a dog Thats assimilationThen the child sees a raccoon or a cat squirrel whatever and the child says Thats a dog But his parents tell him it isnt a dog its a raccoon So the child accommodates Not all furry four legged animals are dogs some are raccoonsORGANIZATION occurs when the child is able to rearrange their existing schemes into more complex ones3PIAGETS STAGES
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