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Lecture 7

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PSYC 2450
Anneke Olthof

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LECTURE 71EARLY CONTROVERSIES ABOUT SENSORY AND PERCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT2RESEARCH METHODS WITH INFANTS3INFANT SENSORY CAPABILITIESA TASTE AND SMELLNewborns have taste preferences they suck longer and faster if the food is sweetHave facial reactions to foodsThey can detect varying concentrations in foodsCan also detect mother by the scent of her breast milk and underarms B TOUCH TEMPERATURE AND PAINMassage helps with babys brain development it also helps calm themThey are sensitive to hot and cold ie food and room temperaturesThey are also sensitive to painDUHC HEARINGHearing is quite good at birth as is it better developed that visionBabies can determine their mothers voice suck faster if they hear her voiceRecognize mothers MELODY also Cool huhD VISIONIs the least mature of the babys senses because it did not get stimulated while baby was in the wombVisual acuity is 20600 and reaches the adult level at 12 monthsOccipital cortex function is properly set at 8 years of ageHave size and shape constancy meaning they have they recognize objects as staying the same regardless of distanceThey prefer patterned stimuli ie a checkerboard vs a solid red blockE DEPTH PERCEPTIONHave stereopsis by 3 months of age
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