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PSYC 2450
Jennifer Mc Taggart

Chapter 9 Physical DevelopmentHealth in Early ChildhoodAspects of Physiological DevelopmentBodily ChangeGrowthAt ages 36Children have more slender athletic appearanceAbdominal muscles developtoddler potbelly tightensTrunk armslegs grow longerBody proportions become more adultlike head still relatively large thoughGrow 58 cmyrGain 23 kgyrBoys are slightly taller heavierhave more muscle per kg then girls who have more fatty tissueCartilage turns to bone at a faster rateBone becomes harder o Firmer shapeprotection of organsDevelopment of motor skills o Coordinated by maturing brainnervous systemIncreased physical stamina o Bc increased capacities of respiratorycirculatory systemDevelopment of immune systemNutrition Preventing Overweight in ChildrenProper growthhealth depend on good nutritionaladequate sleepLikely to become overweight if not activeBeginning at age 2 healthy diet is same as adults o Fruitsveggies whole grains lowfatnon fat dairy products beans fishlean meatsPreschoolers eat less in proportion to their size than infants do o As growth slows need fewer caloriesChildren who selfregulate their feeding are more likely to consume the properof caloriesToo much fatsugar intake in todays societyPoor diet leads to iron deficiencyirondeficiency anemia o Affects 18 of children 18 months of age15 children 25 yrs Are obese o Bigger issue in Aboriginal communitiesGreatest risk of obesity in lowincome familiesBeing overweight is associated with behavioural problemslow readingmath scores22 million children world wide are obese o Junk foodObesity can be hereditary
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