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Cognitive Psych: Recognition Lecture 5

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PSYC 2650
Dan Meegan

Psych 5RecognitionNormal Recognition Suecognitive recognition part wholeemotional recognition hi sueEyes take in visual info must have a memory process that takes previous patterns match appropriate response Stages of recognition 1 Break down pattern into its parts the elemental features of the person or object 2 Look at it as a wholeDamage Is there damage between the link between the parts and as a whole ex Video he can see parts but not as a whole Knows hes looking ata bunch of lines but he cant put them together Looks the same to him because they have the same parts ex upside down t and up right tJohn Sueno parts wholeemotional recognitionwho are youLarry Sueparts no wholeemotional recognitionwho are you Drawing Recognition in reverse Breaks it down into parts then put it together as a whole Larry would fail to put it back together John can build something up doesnt know what it isAuditory Agnosia Failure to recognize what your hearingThin lines high spacial frequency Thick lines low spacial frequency Something that distinguishes our faces is the distance between our featuresVisual system picks up those cues
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