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Lecture 6

Cognitive Psych: Attention Lecture 6

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2650
Dan Meegan

Psych 6 Psych Attention Midterm 1 35 multiple choice 2 short answer Drawn from lecture material labs two short answerContext and letter recognition word superiority effect Letters presented very briefly in 1 of 2 contexts 1 alone or 2 in a word Letter cognition task good in certain situations and bad in other does it occur in an actual English word Iconic memory when something is flashed to you taken away allows us to get a lingering picture of itEchoic memory sensory memory auditory get last few words repeat it backPattern mask replaces it so you cant have a iconic memory of what you just sawWord superiority effect 4 positions letter presented two conditions word and a non word Similar stimuli ex Lend and dend Asked did a D or T appear in end location say you saw the word not the letter saw lend so think you saw dData thHave to be looking a 4 position Feel like your guessing but its an informed guessCharacter is lower getting near the chance levelBottomUp vs TopDown processing Words of Superiority Effect is top down how you processguy with brain damage bottom up is compromised because he has damage top down isntWarren and Warren 1997it was found that the ell was on the axle subjects hear wheel It was found that the eel was on the orange subjects hear peelnon speech sound Use to slice out sound depends what words you put near it brain fills it in Sounds unusual in isolation but different when all together
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