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Lecture 7

Cognitive Psych: Memory Lecture 7

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PSYC 2650
Dan Meegan

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Psych 7 exam stroop effect ps 126127 35 multiple choice 2 short answer 1related to lab 3 some of the experimentation that built about the affect used to text the hypothesis that short term and long term memory are two different things 2 Methods related to method of cognitive neural phycology Short Term or Working Memory Short Term mental desk space RAM doing at one time Immediately available Limited capacity To keep it must maintain it through rehearsing or encodingRehearse it long enough it will enter into long term memory retrieve it its backin your short term memoryLong Term Memory Mental reference library Hard Drive Unlimited capacity Have access tooModal Model Incoming infoearly analysisshort termlong termbig moment when asked to present this modelRole of short term memory and long term memory Rehearse contents of shortterm memory More rehearsal increase chance of transfer to longterm memory If item left STM before transfer to LTM it would be lot STM cant hold items for very long because new items are competing for limited space capacity Critics of Modal Model Questioned stm and LTM distinctionModel that didnt say short term thing and long term thing one memory process that account for all the processing data Why not have one that permanently stores everything doesnt succeed for all things that why not everything is permanent Is stm distinct from ltm
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