2650 Lecture 3: PSYCH 2650 - LECTURE 3

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4 Feb 2016
Friday, January 9, 2015
PSYCH 2650
Armchair Philosophy:
casual observations about human cognition. “all you need is a mind” casual (objective)
in the sense of being difficult to identify as everyone has different perspectives.
-Greek Philosophers - aristotle.
-British Empiricism (Nurture) - david hugh (products of mind since we’ve been born
between the nature and nurture debate) - important for those who want to believe that
the minds can change over time.
-Continental Nativism (Nature) - more important determinant of how the brain
develops and their views. (europeen content)
-American Pragmatism - William James (principles of psychology) - he was a
philosopher by training and took the investigation of the brain to a next level by
making it more beyond and modern as it would not represent what their is to know
today and not the same evidence and techniques.
The Problem
-how to observe the “mind” using scientific methodology
Stimuli ——> ——> Response
*known as the black box problem to measure the degree of accuracy of your memory
*the problem is by making inferences that are not legitimate (input and the output) we
want to know what happens in the black box in between those responses.
Solutions -> do not worry about the dates, places and names
-Introspection - looking inside the mind to see what is going on and examine your
own thoughts. (wundt, 1879, leipzig) largely the tool go philosophers.
-they wanted to formalize the process of introspection by bringing people into his lab
and giving them activities while he would make conclusions using highly-trained
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