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Lecture 7

Thursday, Sept 27/2012 - Lecture 7

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PSYC 2650
Dan Meegan

Thursday September 25 2012PSYC 2650Lecture 7MidtermMidterm is a week from todayMidterm is up to and including this Tuesday Working MemoryWorking memory is featured prominently on the midterm35 multiple choice questions and 2 short answer questionEach short answer is worth approximately 6 of the midterm and the multiple choice composes 88 of the marksUse the time you are given to think about the multiple choice questionsThey are tricky questions and require thought about what it is askedThe short answer questions are going to be related to lab context at least one of themvisit Meegan during office hoursDo the labsShort answers look for approximately a paragraphs worth of information but it is not required to write in paragraphsWrite more than you think is necessary if you are uncertain what the question is askingWhat were the results supposed to look like for the word superiority effect What did they actually look like What does word superiority tell us about cognitionDivided Attention TasksTwo ways in which divided attention is thought ofDivided your attention in physical spacespatial cuing Dividing your attention between two areas of spaceMultitaskingdividing your attention between two tasksThere is too much information in the world than we can focus on at any one timeAttention is how we are preset to focus in on the important information we need to survive in the worldThe brain ccan unconsciously process information among mutiple tracks but conscious attention is best used when it is focused on only a single thingHaving a phone conversation while driving impairs the driving to the amount that alcohol doesMost people fail to see the man in the gorilla suityou are so taken with the task of counting the passes that you mis the gorilla suitI focussed on seeing the gorilla suit and wasnt able to count the passes accuratelyJoint attentiondirecting the attention of others by focusing on important stimuliThe mother looks at something and the child will also look at the objectJoint attention may be a precurser to language learningPrefrontal cortex and thalamus utied to working memory and switching attentionIf prefrontal damage is occured it is difficult to focus our attentionThalamus filters out sensory stimuli not relevant to what we are paying attention toIs the modern world so different from the worlds that weve experienced such that were severely taxing our attentional capabitlities in a way we did not need to previouslyAttentional capacity is limitted
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