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Lecture 17

PSYC 2740 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Home Repair, Sensation Seeking, Interaction Model

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PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

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Lecture 17
Stress, Coping, and Health
Stress: subjective feeling to uncontrollable event
Interaction Model
How we cope
Criticism: unable to identify stable coping responses that are adaptive or
Someone gets sick = not slow down, gets more sick (hardworking)
Someone else who also gets sick = takes medicine, sleeps, and recovers
Transactional Model
How we cope with events, interprets events, and the events themselves
Some think traffic is stressful, annoying, and causes anxiety
Others will think of it as a good time to relax and listen to music
Self-esteem levels effect break ups and academic failure
More argumentative people susceptible to illness?
You create your own environment through evocation
Health Behaviour Model
Personality affects health through promoting or degrading behaviour
Conscientious = healthier eating and exercise
Sensation seeking = drink and do drugs more often
Pre-Dispositional Model
Personality and illness are both accountable for by a predisposition such as
different levels of neurotransmitters
Dopamine = addiction and sensation seeking
Correlation between novelty-seeking personality and addiction to drugs both
caused by genes
Illness-Behaviour Model
Personality impacts degree to which person perceives and attends to sensations
(pain), notice/label differently AND degree of which someone levels an “illness”
People with higher neuroticism typically complain more about bodily pains
The Big 5 and Diabetes Management
Higher conscientious individuals are related to greater treatment adherence
diet/insulin regimens
Higher neuroticism related to less adherence to regimens
Higher extraversion related to greater exercise adherence only = personality
important in content of diabetes management
People lower in conscientiousness need more reminders and other assistance
with treatment, as might someone with a higher neuroticism level
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