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Lecture 15

PSYC 2740 Lecture 15: Lecture 15 - March 21

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PSYC 2740
Lewis Stephen

SEX, GENDER PERSONALITY A few key terms Sex differences Gender defined as being more masculine or feminine in the textbook, but now we dont see it as a binary construct anymore Gender stereotypes beliefs that people have as to what it means to be more masculine or feminine Effect Size: calculating size of (sex) differences Effect size (d) o Difference in standard deviation units Sex Differences in Personality Temperament in Children emerges very early on o Inhibitory control girls > boys Ability to not act impulsively Effect size moderate level o Perceptual sensitivity favours girls Personality in a more cognitive function Being able to distinguish smaller details o Surgency Favours boys More dominant, active, and impulsive o Negative Affectivity no significant difference Experience stress, anxiety, anger, irritability Sex Differences: The Big 5 Extraversion o Women slightly higher on gregariousness (d= .15) o Men slightly higher on activity level (d= .09) o Men moderately higher on assertiveness (d= .50) More interrupting in conversations Agreeableness o Women higher on trusting (d= 2.5) and tender mindness o Women smile more than men o Men more physically aggressive (moderate to large d) Men commit more violent crimes Maintain rank order throughout aging Conscientiousness o Women slightly higher on order (d= .13)
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