PSYC 2740 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Longitudinal Study, Reduced Affect Display, Schizophreniform Disorder

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16 Nov 2017
Lecture 5 Personality Disposition over Time: Stability, Change & Coherence
Key parts of Personality Development
Stability (over time)
o Rank Order (trait declines overtime, ppl who score higher at time 1 will
also score higher at time 2)
o Mean Level Stability (Maintain across time, see across cultures)
o Personality Coherence (Personality is stable over time but how the trait is
expressed may differ, across different stages, activities people choose to
be in reflect personality traits)
Change (over time)
o Internal (cannot be the product of an external event, life event, personality
comes from within)
o Enduring (it has to last, doesn’t have to be consistent at all times, but long
Analyzing Stability and Change
Population (how do most people experience personality change, difficult because
differences across groups)
Group differences (group changes, differences with respect to sex, culture)
Individual difference (if people are more _____ what may that yield/predict later
in life)
Stability across the lifespan: examples
o Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood
Stability in Infancy
Temperament: Early differences involved in behaviours re:
emotionality/arousability (active vs. not, fuss vs. not, etc.)
o Stable & early individual differences (Harder to soothe, maybe not deal
with emotions well later in life)
o More stability over shorter intervals (3m-6m > 3m-9m, larger correlation)
o Stability increases with maturity
Stability in Childhood:
Activity Level
o Block and block longitudinal Study (difficult, takes a lot of time to conduct)
Assessed activity level via actometer (form of t data) & teacher
ratings (o data), using more than one measurement, conversion
validity, test-retest reliability
Main Findings:
Results from both measures were positively correlated
Results from same measure but at different times correlated
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find more resources at
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