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PSYC 2740

CHAPTER 16 Sex Gender and Personality Sex differences average differences between women and men on certain characteristics or personality characteristics with no prejudgement about the cause of the differenceGender social interpretations of what is means to be a man or a womanGender stereotypes beliefs about how men and women differ or are supposed to differ in contrast to what the actual differences areThe Science and Politics of Studying Sex and GenderCALCULATION OF EFFECT SIZE HOW LARGE ARE SEX DIFFERENCESThe most commonly used statistic in metaanalysis is the effect size or d statisticoD statistic is used to express a difference in standard deviation unitsIt is important to keep in mind that even large effect sizes for average sex differences do not necessarily have implications for any particular individualoEx even with a d of 200 for throwing distance some women can throw much further than the average man and some men cannot through as far as the average womanMINIMALISTS AND MAXIMALISTSA central focus on the debate on sex differences revolves around whether sex differences are small and relatively inconsequential or substantial and important Those who describe them as small and inconsequential are said to take the minimalist positionoArgue that Empirically most findings of sex differences show small magnitudes of effect Tend to emphasize the distributions of men and women on any given personality variable show tremendous overlap which reflect their small magnitude of effect
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