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CHAPTER 17 Culture and Personality What is Cultural Personality PsychologyCulture exhibits local withingroup similarities and betweengroup differencesoThese differences are referred to as cultural variationCultural personality psychology generally has 3 key goals1To discover the principles underlying the cultural diversity2To discover how human psychology shapes culture3To discover how cultural understandings in turn shape our psychology Psychologists have developed three major approaches to explaining and exploring personality across cultures evoked culture transmitted culture and cultural univeralsEVOKED CULTUREEvoked culture is defined as cultural differences created by differing environmental conditions activating a predictable set of responsestwo ingredients are necessary to explain cultural variationsoa universal underlying mechanismoenvironmental differences in the degree to which the underlying mechanism is activated The concept of evoked culture rests on the assumption that all humans have the same potentials or capabilities and the aspects of these potentials that get evoked depend on features of the social or physical environmentEvoked CooperationoWhether someone is cooperative or selfish is a central part of personality but these proclivities may differ from culture to cultureoEx patterns of cooperative food sharing among different huntergatherer tribeshigh variance food sources ex meathigh variance because one day you could come back with somea lot some days with noneUnder high variance conditions there are tremendous benefits to sharingShare meat with unlucky hunter and next week theyll share meat with youEarly Experience and Evoked Mating Strategiesoharsh rejecting and inconsistent childrearing practices erratically provided resources and marital discord foster a personality of impulsivity and a mating strategy marked by early reproduction in children
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