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CHAPTER 14Approaches to the SelfSelfconcept your understanding of yourselfSelfesteem how you feel about yourselfSocial identity how you present yourself to others SelfConceptDEVELOPMENT OF THE SELFCONCEPTInfancyoFirst glimmer of selfconcept oChild makes distinction between its own body and everything elseoRudimentary sense of selfawareness of ones bodyAges 23oLearn to identify and associate themselves with their sex and ageoExpand selfconcept to include a reference to family I am so and sos brotherAges 312oSelfconcepts are based mainly on developing talent and skills I can do this or I cant do thatAges 56 onward school ageoChildren begin to compare their skills and abilities to otherssocial comparisonoDevelop an inner private self concept based on the realization that there is a hidden side to the self thoughts feelings desiresAdolescence oSelfconcept changes from one based on concrete characteristics physical appearance possessions to one based on more abstract psychological terms oA final unfolding of the selfconcept involves perspective talking the ability to take the perspectives of others see ones self as others dostep outside oneself and imagine how one appears to other peopleThis is why many teens go through a period of extreme selfconsciousnessoEpisodes of objective selfawareness seeing oneself as an object of others attention SHYNESS is a form of chronic objective awarenessShy people want to have contact with others but their selfconsciousness prompts them to pass up socializationSocial anxiety discomfort related to social interactions or to the anticipation of them
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