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CHAPTER 12Cognitive Topics in PersonalityCognitive approaches to personality focus on differences in how people thinkoEx participants shown a picture of a bloody head woundOne person may respond with personalizing cognition and recall a similar even from their own life my brother once had a gash like thatAnother may respond with objectifying cognition and recall objective facts head wounds bleed a lot because of the high concentration of major artery groupsCognition is a general term referring to awareness and thinking as well as to specific mental acts such as perceiving attending to interpreting remembering believing and anticipatingoall these mental processes add up to what is called information processing or the transformation of sensory input into mental representations and the manipulation of such representations there are 3 levels of cognition that are of interest to personality psychologistsoPERCEPTION process of imposing order on the info our sense organs take inoINTERPRETATION making senseexplaining of various events in the worldgiving meaning to eventsoCONSCIOUS GOALS the standards people develop for evaluating themselves and others Personality Revealed through PerceptionMost people assume there is reality out there and that the representation we have of it in our minds is a precise duplicatethis is not trueoThe perceiver contributes to the mental representations such that even in perception there are differences between people in what they see when they look at a sceneFIELD DEPENDENCEField dependent people opeople who are influenced by environmental cues dependent on the visual fieldrely on information provided by the outer worldoFavour social sciences and educationoAttentive to social cues strong social skillsoOriented towards othersField independent people
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