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CHAPTER 9The Intrapsychic Domain Psychoanalytical Approaches to PersonalityFundamental Assumptions of Psychoanalytic TheoryFreuds model of human nature relied on the notion of psychic energy to motivate all human activityoPsychic energy source of energy within each person that fuels motivation oBelieved the amount of psychic energy remained constant throughout a persons life time and that personality change was a redirection of a persons psychic energyBASIC INSTINCTSFreud believed instincts were strong innate forces that provided all the energy in the psychic systemFreud identified 2 main instinctsoLIBIDO life instinctAny needsatisfying lifesustaining or pleasureoriented urgeoTHANATOS death instinctAny urge to destroy harm or aggress against others or oneselfAlthough Freud initially believed that life and death instincts opposed one another he later argued that they could be combined in various waysoEx eatingserves the life instinct but involves tearingbitingchewingoEx rapedeath instinct directed to another person in a manner that is fused with sexual energy Because each person only possesses a fixed amount of psychic energy the energy used to drive one type of behaviour is not available to drive other types oIe a person who directs hisher death instinct into a socially acceptable channel like sports has less energy to expend toward more destructive manifestations of the instinctBecause psychic energy exists in a fixed and limited amount within each person it can be directed and redirected in various waysUNCONSCIOUS MOTIVATIONWhy do we do what we doAccording to Freud the human mind consists of 3 partsoThe CONSCIOUS mindContains thoughts feelings and perceptions you are presently aware ofSmallest part of the human mindoThe PRECONSCIOUS mindAny piece of information that you are not presently thinking about but that could easily be retrieved if made conscious is found in the preconscious mindoThe UNCONSCIOUS mind
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