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PSYC 2740

CHAPTER 5 Personality Development Stability Change and CoherencePersonality DevelopmentPersonality development can be defined as the continuities consistencies and stabilities in people over time and the ways in which people change over timeThere are many forms of personality stability and many forms of personality changeThe 3 most important forms of stability are orank order stabilityomean level stabilityopersonality coherence1RANK ORDER STABILITYoRank order stability is the maintenance of individual position within a groupoIf people tend to maintain their positions on dominance or extraversion relative to the other members of their group over time there is high rank order stability to that personality characteristic oIf people fail to maintain their rank order then the group is displaying rank order instability or rank order change2MEAN LEVEL STABILITYoAlso referred to as constancy of leveloConsider political orientation as an example if the average level of liberalism or conservatism in a population exhibits high mean level stability on that characteristicis the average degree of political orientation changes ex if people tend as a group to get increasingly conservative as they get older then that population is displaying mean level change3PERSONALITY COHERENCEoA more complex form of personality development involves changes in the manifestations of a traitoThe term personality coherence refers to maintaining rank order in relation to other individuals but changing the manifestations of the traitoPersonality coherence includes both elements of continuity and elements of changecontinuity in the underlying trait but change in the outward manifestation of that trait
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