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Lecture 3

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PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

Thursday January192012 Personality Lecture 3 The Dispositional Domain Traits and Trait Taxonomies Can deduce what the major personality traits areThese traits should describe most peopleThe big 5 is the most used model of personality traits Trait a characteristic or an attribute we use to discuss how people are different or similarDescribes how people are on averageMultiple assessments are needed to make sure it is their average tendencyA lot of traits are enduring and stay relatively stable overtime How can we Conceptualize TraitsTwo primary approaches 1 Internal causal propertyExplains why people do what they doTraits are internalAcross different situations that persons trait is being carried overTherefore causing them to act in a certain waySome traits remain dormantEx someone who isnt outgoing isnt outgoing all the time like if they are trying to be studiousAttribute cause back to the trait 2 Descriptive summariesHow you describe behaviourYoure not looking at why someone is doing somethingThey summarize peoples behaviour trendsLooking at certain behaviours and how they go along with a corresponding traitsUsed in research Act Frequency Research ProgramTraitscategories of acts 1 Pick acts that corresponds with a certain trait 2 Pick which acts correspond best to that trait what is the prototypeEx sensation seeking bungee jumping 3 Have someone record that act when it is being performedThe more it is preformed the more prototypical it is of the trait Pros and ConsProsHelps us develop a list of the acts and behaviours that correspond with most traits
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