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Lecture 4

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PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

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Tuesday January242012 Personality Lecture Four Theoretical Issues 1 Meaningful individual differencesNo two personalities are alikeVariability in traits 2 Stability over timeRelatively stableSome traits do changeTraits are consistent over time but manifestations of the trait my vary This is what may change over timeEx a child who is extroverted initiates play a teenager goes to parties an adult seeks out a job that may fit that traitRank order with a change in a given trait a relative difference remains between individualsRank order does not change Ex impulsivity This trait decreases over time but lower scores in impulsivity decrease as well The difference between the rank orders will remain the same 3 Consistency over situationsAverage of how someone is over timeTherefore this carries over into different aspects and situations in their lifeThe situation plays a role in how we behaveEx someone who is talkative wont be talkative at a funeral but across situations t
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