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Lecture 7

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

Tuesday February072012 Personality Lecture 7 The Physiological Approaches to Personality Building a Theoretical Bridge 1 EnvironmentSituation or context people might find themselves inEx audience 2 Personality traitEx if a person is very shy and have to talk in front of an audience 3 Physiological responseEx causes anxiety increased heart rate perspiration etc The physiological indicator for a behavioural response 4 BehaviourEx likely to avoid a situation like that How do we Measure these Indicators 1 Electrodermal activityProvides a measure of sympathetic nervous system activityActivated during the fight or flight responsewhen were anxious Electrodes are put on the palm of the handLow voltage current is put in one electrodeThe more sweat the more current there will be in the second electrodeSkin conductance Good marker for a stress response Skin Conductance and Self InjurySkin conductance as a marker of emotional reactivity Might be higher in people who are prone to selfinjuryUsually used when they have a stressful experience Used a card game and gave positive feedback then failure feedbackHow the person reacts to the feedbackHow long they choose to stay in the game afterwardsThe selfinjury group had more skin conductance than the controlThey reacted more and it lasted longerMore negative emotionmore skin conductanceQuit the task sooner 2 Cardiovascular Activity
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