PSYC2740 Lecture 13: PSYCH 2740 LECTURE CHP 9

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4 Feb 2016
Thursday, February 5, 2015
PSYCH 2740
Lecture: Intrapsychic Domain
-unconscious processes that play a role in regards to our personality.
The Basis of Psychoanalytic Theory
Psychic Energy -> source of energy that fuels motivation (different dreams, fantasies,
desires, behaviours)
*this comes from instinct (provide energy):
1. Libido (life) - survival, reproduction.
2. Thanatos (death) - aggressive towards others, urges to be violent, towards yourself
-> you can have both working together ex: food, and breaking down food while chewing.
Unconscious Motivation & The Mind
-> view freud’s diagram - ICEBURG (concious is the biggest part)
-> concious (what you are thinking of right now)
-> pre conscious (you can retrieve stuff from memory like last night)
-> unconscious (try to keep it out of the mind so they are not traumatic, lash out at
someone, sexual aggression)
Psychoanalytic Structure of Personality
ID - primitive and dominant in infancy, drives all natures
-operates on the pleasure principle (do that urge right away without waiting)
-not realistic because it operates with the primary process principle (nothing in reality)
- wish fulfilment - if cannot get the urge right away, they can get the image of it -
mental representation can give temporary satisfaction.
EGO - constrains the ID within reality and develops around ages 2-3.
-reality principle (some urges cannot just be achieved, there are barriers,
-secondary process thinking - strategize on how to do certain urges, such as for ex:
not having your wallet to buy food instead of stealing something.
-satisfy ID in the realm of reality
SUPER EGO - internalize values, morals around age 5 and it is the conscious
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