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Lecture 9

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PSYC 2740

Lecture 9 PSYA02 Notes Eric Erickson (created the Sony Ericsson: P) • His stages for people extend through a lifespan • Emphasized on identity • Psychoanalyst Epigenetic Principle: • personality formation is a set of sequence of predetermined developmental stages • each stage is encountered at proper times during one’s lifespan and regardless of failing or succeeding in that stage, the person must move on to the next stage (can’t always succeed in every stage) • 8 stages: each stage has optimal time, thus, we can’t speed or slow the process down. Fidelity: ability to live by society’s rules and standards no matter how flawed; loyalty Achievement (Pathmakers) • “A person’s faith is unique to each individual. I’ve considered and reconsidered it myself and know what I can believe.” (religion) • “I’ve thought my political beliefs through and realize I may or may not agree with many of my parents’ beliefs.” (politics) • “It took me a long time to decide but now I know for sure what direction to move in for a career.” (career) Moratorium (Searchers) • “I’m not so sure what religion means to me. I’d like to make up my mind b
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