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Lecture 14

PSYC 3100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Parental Investment, Casual Sex, Vise

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PSYC 3100
Pat Barclay

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Outline Lecture 14 Mating 3
A. To Bond or Not to Bond?
1. Time Budgets
Somatic effort vs. reproductive effort (which is mating effort + parental investment)
-evolutionary tradeoffs: all organisms have limited time and energy budgets.
Time/effort solving one problem means less time/energy available for other problems
somatic effort: investment in growth & maintenance. Anything that promotes well
being (job, education)
reproductive effort: mating effort + parental investment. Things one needs to
reproduce, attract a mate, hold onto a mate, raise kids.
Mating effort: effort expanded in attracting or retaining mates (weaponry, etc)
parental investment (P.I.): any investment that increases an offsprings survival (&
reproduction) but decreases the parent's ability to invest in other (including future)
time÷effort spent on mating effort cannot be spent on parental investment, vise versa
2. Why Form Long-Term Bonds?
-imagine this: you've just met someone who is interested in you (& possibly mated with
Q: should you form a long-term pair with him/her?
-which one provides a higher return:
mating effort (towards others) vs. parental investment
does attempting to remate > attempting to pairbond?
Attempting to pair-bond:
-guaranteeing conception with that person
-future offspring with same partner
-effects of parental investment on children's success
-mutual cooperation & division of labor
Attempting to remate:
-likelihood of remating (including availability of mates and your likelihood of
getting one (how many fish in the sea? What is likelihood of catching one?)
-effect of your reproductive success of mating with an additional person
3. Different Strategies for Different Folks
-focus on long term
-advertise character, partner fidelity
-focus on short term
-spend more time advertising individual quality: attractiveness, physical ability
**strategies that pay off for some may not payoff for others**
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