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Lecture 19

PSYC 3100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Psychopathy Checklist, Superficial Charm, Pathological Lying

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PSYC 3100
Pat Barclay

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Outline Lecture 19 Individual Differences
1. Preamble: person vs. situation?
2. Individual Differences at Diff. Levels of Analysis (Mechanism, Development, Function)
- Differences require an explanation at all levels
3. Why Are There Any Differences? Why Aren’t People Identical?
4. Developmental Causes of Differences
- Malfunctions, pathologies, errors
- Facultative responses
5. Causes of Heritable Differences
Low selection pressure:
changing selective pressures:
byproducts: leftovers of something else that is adaptive & heritable
Frequency-dependent selection: payoffs for a trait are dependent on their prevalence
within the population
cliff effect: if there is too much of a given trait in a population it can produce defects?
6. Psychopathy: a frequency-dependent strategy?
What is a disorder?
Psychopathy: deceitful, selfish, manipulative, impulsive, aggressive individuals with
little remorse or guilt
“when a psychopath commits a violent act, they're not doing it because they're
malicious or evil. They're doing it because they don't give a damn.” (Hare, 2005)
psychopaths account for:
<1% of general population
~23% of correctional population
perhaps as much as 50% of repeat violent offenders
parasitic lifestyle, glib superficial charm, pathological lying, manipulation
The difference between “disorder” and “something we don’t like”
many people consider psychopathy to be a pathology (disorder)
think of it as a manipulation of genes (brokeness) during development
but: we may be equating our dislike of their behaviour with “disorder”.
There are many things that we dislike that are not disorders, could this be one
what is a disorder? (not something that we dont like)
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