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Lecture 6

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PSYC 3100
Pat Barclay

Outline Lecture 6 Kinship 1. Inclusive fitness = direct fitness + indirect fitness  Inclusive fitness :  Direct fitness - RS of the current body that it is in  Indirect fitness - the RS of other copies of the gene (could be family members) o Sometimes known as individual selection/ kin selection 2. Bill Hamilton’s (Darwin's heir) rule: altruism evolves when rb >c  B - benefit  C - costs  R - probability that the recipient has the same gene "identical by descent"  This relatedness is above and beyond the chance level  The benefit to the recipient and does that product outweigh the cost  We would treat a brother half as valuable as they treat themselves (because they only carry 50% of their genes)  Example: plants grow better with relatives than they do with strangers (they don’t compete as much for soil and light) 3. Washburn’s Fallacy: why doesn’t it matter that we share 99% of genes with others?  Doe
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