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PSYC 3100 Lecture Notes - Tabula Rasa

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Course Code
PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

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PSYC 3100 - Evolutionary Psychology
Dr. Hank Davis, 504 McKinnon,
Sara Kafashan
Daniel Palmer
Caveman Logic amazon, ebay, etc.
Trying to cancel Friday classes by extending Monday or Wednesday classes
Picture Bay Street banker and Nairobi tribesman, the differences are what we focus on
Imagine most extreme remote place on earth that YOU can imagine, now imagine the people are weird (eat, write, smell, etc.)
15 similarities to me
- Language
- Use it to gossip
- Laugh
- Cry
- Avoid incest
- Mourn the dead
- Baby-talk to infants
- Flirt
- Get jealous
- Concerned about reputations
- Some kind of substance to get
high, mostly recreationally
certain people cannot handle it
and the substance takes over
- Some kind of god or religion
(supernatural belief system)
- Some will lie, cheat, and will
be big deal to detect and
punish those people
- Violence
- Form of art or music
We are not tabula rasa (blank slates). Our species shares a natural history written in the design of our brains and minds, common to
every single one of us. It is our genetic code, the human genome,
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