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PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

PSYC 3100 – Week 1 Lecture 1 - September 10 - Concentrate on similarities – astonishing, very few disciplines that focus on similarities (boring? – no!) - Each person is unique shuffle of genetic deck o Every person has different personal history - Bedrock similarities = evolutionary psychology o HUMAN NATURE Human Nature (strictly Darwinian) – clock from relatives  “you don’t believe we came from monkeys??”, “no, and neither did Darwin” - What is it? o Result of competitive selection – hostility towards Darwinian approach - Where did it come from? Natural selection plays the role once attributed to desire, the fact that it doesn’t have an agenda is difficult for people to understand. - Lawful process, no agent behind it that says “I want good people” etc, it is a simple game – those that pass their genes on to the next, WINS. o All about reproductive success – survival of the fittest, if you survive but don’t reproduce, you are not successfully playing the game  Getting your selection of genes into the next generation Theory – one of the best arguments against evolution is the argument that “it’s only a theory” – that is WRONG. A theory has a formal statuses, they are elegant, based on empirical fact, generate hypothesis, which can be tested. Thus theories can be confirmed or disconfirmed. ZERO way to ever discredit intelligent design, but evolution CAN be discredited. Therefore, evolution is a theory! Creating science is NOT science, you cannot disprove it – do not debate. If you accept evolution, if you accept Darwin, you throw out God, you throw out Morality. – Fear from religious side of debate, scared that there will no morality. “If you tell them they descend from monkeys, they will act like monkeys” MORALITY DOES NOT COME FROM GOD, NOT TELLING YOU GOD DOESN’T EXIST, BUT MORALITY DOES NOT COME FROM GOD. GOD IS NOT NECESSARY FOR YOU TO BE MORAL! Psychology Today – Blog: Cavemen Logic, by Hank Davis Origin of virtue – religion co-defies what is already in the genome, it does not invent it (not blank slate) st 1ndarwinian revolution – 1859, good guys won, for our bodies. 2 Darwinian revolution – right now, good guys won (us) The mind is not the brain; the mind is what the brain does Lecture 2 – September 12 NO FRIDAY CLASS STARTING NEXT WEEK (add extra 20 minutes to Monday and Wednesday) The trait that guarantees survival is the trait that gets passed on through generations Think about hunter/g
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